Human Presence Detector HET100
Human Presence Detector HET100

Product review


The HET100 human presence detector based on IR principle, is widely used to detect the presence of persons in the room, not only
the static person, but also the moving person, that the movement sensor can’t detect. It has been calibrated in Multi IR’s humidity and
temperature controlled facility.
The HET100 detector supports multiple communication modes, such as RS485, WiFi, ZigBee, 433, LoRa, by which the detector is
connected to the cloud platform easily. It can be used as the human presence sensors of the IoT system, for example smart home
system, smart building system. When the HET100 detects persons are present in the room, the IoT system will automatically drive the
corresponding linkage facility, like opening the air conditioner and light. On the contrary, the IoT system will automatically close the
linkage facilities, and change into security mode.