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IR Wide Bandpass Filter

3 product
  • IWBP1700-2400

    IWBP1700-2400 50% cut on: 1700±100nm 50% cut off: 2400±100nm TWR: 1750~2350nm, Tavg≥80% Blocking Range: 400~4000nm

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • INBP8280

    INBP8280 CWL8280±83nm HPB250±25nm,Tpeak≥80% Out of band blocking(from UV to 11000nm): Tavg<1%

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • IWBP3550-4950

    IWBP3550-4950 50% cut on 3530±35nm, 50% cut off 4950±50nm, Transmittance Wavelength Range 3620~4860nm,Tavg≥90%

    Min. Order: 1piece